services list

  • Business registration
  • Accounts preparation
  • T.V.A. registration and returns
  • Capital Gains Tax calculations
  • Business Planning
  • Dual Taxation planning
  • Leaseback returns
  • U K Accounts and Tax returns


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I pay tax in the UK - do I need to complete a French Tax return?

If you earn income in France including rental income, investment income, self employed or employed income then you will need to complete a French tax return - even if you complete a return back in the U K as well

How much tax will I pay?

Depending upon the amount of income you are declaring you will pay tax at a rate set by current french tax bands - rates are not wildly different from the U K equivalent. If you live in the U K you will probably pay at a rate 20%.

Will I get credit for the tax I pay against my U K income?

You will need to declare the "overseas income" within your U K Tax return but as long as the "french tax" is equal to or higher than the "U K tax" then you will have no further tax to pay

I live in France full time - what tax returns do I need to complete?